9 August - 5 September 2023
Unit London Gallery, London

at Unit London
Unbound: Ecology in the Age of Machines is an exhibition that seeks to unravel the beautiful, complicated relationships between biological and technological entities.

Featuring Monica Rizzolli, Heliodoro Santos, Olivier Bodini, Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez, Ivona Tau, Che-Yu Wu and hOrO mO X, this exhibition invites us to reconsider our understanding of ecology in a world where the lines between organic and artificial, human and non-human are increasingly blurred.

Presenting brand new unique and limited edition NFTs as well as physical prints, Unbound explores how each artist embraces technology, not only as an agent in artistic creation, but as an extension of the ecosystem we live within.

Originating from a larger project Plant Script, Monica Rizzolli imagines new possibilities for flora in her work From Grain to Blossom. In this hybrid piece, consisting of a video and 100 generative images, Rizzolli has formed an imagined and unreal new species of flower, forged from the mathematical underpinnings of Johan Gielis’s mathematical equation, Superformula. In this video you can see the blooming of the flower as its grows from a seed, simulating nature from the algorithm, and introducing new hybrid futures for the environment whereby new species may not be rooted in the physical real