Year 2022
Edition Size Edition of 100
Format Custom software (colored, silent)
File Format JavaScript(p5.js), HTML, CSS
Dimension Dimensions variable, 9:16
Generative, non-interactive

Released on November, 2022 at Bright Moments, NFT ART CDMX, General Prim 32, Mexico

Sold out

Underwater #57, Nova flower type

Special composition for NFTNYC, New York - 2023

“Gen XX” Exhibition, Seattle NFT Museum, 2023, Curated by Joana Kawahara Lino

Underwater is a collection of 100 generative illustrations. The project portrays seven hypothetical species. Left to grow in the underground aquifer of Mexico City, these species are conceived as fictive descendants of ancient Mexican plants. The abstract aesthetic of the drawings is inspired by the pre-naturalist illustrations of medieval herbaria, especially the Libellus de Medicinalibus Indorum Herbis. To recreate the beauty of these early scientific illustrations through code, the superformula was combined with space colonization algorithms to generate tepal-like forms with characteristic patterns. The flowers that inspired this collection of generative plants are: Dahlia coccinea, Chirahodendron pentadactylon, Magnolia dealbata, Tigridia pavonia, Helianthus armus and Sprekelia formosissima.

Underwater #76, Lily flower type

Magazine Bright Moments Quarterly CDMX, 2022

Underwater #22, Elote flower type
Underwater #63, Sol flower type
Underwater #14, Dalia flower type
Underwater #47, Tigre flower type
Underwater #20, Manita floer type

Underwater #90