Sweet Rising and Falling 

Year 2023
Edition Size Open edition
Format Custom software (colored, silent)
File Format JavaScript(p5.js), HTML, CSS
Dimension Dimensions variable, 1:2
Generative, non-interactive

Assistant software developer Rodjun

Installation view at I Mostra Nacional de Criptoarte promove reflexões sobre a década dos oceanos at Centro Cultural Branco do Brasil - CCBB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2024

"Sweet Rising and Falling" explores the natural cycles of water as its central theme, intertwining with the lines and patterns created by water flow within the space. This artwork's minimalist portrayal of natural elements encourages us to contemplate one of the most fundamental substances in our existence: water.

In line with Gaston Bachelard's observations in "Water and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter," where he notes that poets and dreamers often appreciate the beauty of water without delving into its essence, "Sweet Rising and Falling" invites us to think aesthetically about water's diverse facets—tides, droughts, floods, oceans, rivers, and waterfalls on its elemental simplicity, like a child deciphering its fundamental properties and behaviors.

"Sweet Rising and Falling" is a collection of printed outputs generated through JavaScript-based software, transporting us to serene riverbanks, where polygonal mountains emerge near cascading waterfalls, and the sky reflects the gentle descent of a waterfall, nourishing a meandering stream.

Private collection

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