Dance to Forgotten Noise

Year 2023
Edition Size Edition of 1/1
Format Custom software (colored, silent)
File Format JavaScript(p5.js), HTML, CSS
Dimension Dimensions variable, 16:9

Assistant software developer Rodjun

Released on 08 September 2023 at GEN/GEN: Generative Generations Exhibition at Project Space , Gazzelli Art House, London

Available at Digital House

(Please note this work was created with Art Blocks Engine and is composed with an infinite number of generative outputs)


Pressing the ESC button while running the software on a computer will grant access to Dance to Forgotten Noise's interface.

Upon opening the interface, you will find details about the most recently generated image. The first piece of information you will notice is the Collection Number. This number serves as the seed for the image; you can use it to recreate the same image at any time. Without the seed, generating the exact same image again is nearly impossible.

The Pause button will temporarily halt the image generation at the current image. To resume image generation, click the Play button or refresh the page (note that the Pause button will change to the Play button).

The Change Speed button allows you to adjust the interval between image generations to 20 seconds, 10 minutes, or 1 hour.

Selecting Return to Last will take you back to the artwork.

In the Download Print Version option, you can save the current image in four sizes.

You can also find metadata for the current image in the right column. This metadata includes the name of the plant species, the base hue of the composition, the fictional location where it was discovered, and the fictional date of discovery.

To recover an image using the Collection Number, you must access the source code and make necessary edits. This requires some programming knowledge and ownership of the artwork.
One that contains all: Dance to Forgotten Noise is an algorithm that continually generates images of a synthetic landscape, offering endless perspectives of the scenery. Each drawing is a temporary materialisation of a whole set of possible outcomes. Leaves dance through space, carried by an unseen wind, while flowers wobble and rocks occasionally defy gravity, seemingly weightless. These transient moments come and go, leaving fleeting memories, forgotten noises in our minds.

Installation views at GEN/GEN: Generative Generations at Gazelli Art House, London, 2023